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Get 13 FREE Meditations Today
(a real $75 value)
to Eliminate Stress,
Maintain a Positive Focus,
and Increase Self-Confidence ...

... When You Enroll in my NEW
Self-Empowerment Meditation of the Month Club

FREE to join.  No purchase required.  Cancel any time.


Why a Meditation Club?

Besides being an incredibly enjoyable experience, meditation has long been known to provide many benefits, such as:

  • reduced stress
  • improved health conditions
  • slower aging process
  • increased peace of mind
  • more positive outlook
  • greater joy and happiness
  • improved focus
  • increased self-confidence
  • improved creativity and problem-solving
  • clearer intuition
  • higher levels of accomplishment
  • and so much more!

As little as 15 minutes a day will provide many of the benefits listed above.

Meditation, and its close cousin, hypnosis, are also responsible for helping millions of people break bad habits and stick to their plans to achieve their goals.  Because of this, meditation helps you accomplish more and reach higher levels of success in all areas of life (financial, social, health, personal fulfillment, etc.).

When you join the Self-Empowerment Meditation of the Month Club, you get to experience many different types of meditations.  You also get a chance to try out the newest developments in meditation long before they become public.


What's Different About THESE Meditations?

My focus in producing meditations goes well beyond simple relaxation and an enjoyable experience.  Every meditation I produce also serves a purpose in helping you activate your hidden potential and direct your inner Power to manifest the things you want in life.

The first meditation I ever produced, Awaken Your Power, has helped thousands connect with their inner Power and the world around them, helping them be more present, more attuned to what's going on around them, and better able to handle whatever may come up.

My second meditation, Sharpen Your Focus, guides the listener through a mental exercise which forces the brain to reorganize itself to handle more details quicker, leading to increased IQ scores, greater creativity, better memory, and a faster thought process.

All of my meditations use principles from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and conversational hypnosis to produce more dramatic results than is possible with any other guided meditations available elsewhere.

Most of them also use BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) to help guide your brain into the ideal state of mind for the session.  BWE is a technology utilizing audio pulses at specific frequencies that mimic brainwaves.  When used in meditation recordings, these audio pulses naturally and automatically help your brain shift into the desired mental state.

For more information on BWE and how it works, (including a list of who should not use such recordings), click here.


What Are the FREE Meditations Available Today?

When you join the Self-Empowerment Meditation of the Month Club today, you get the following meditations free of charge:


15-Minute Vacation (BRAND NEW!)

Just added (March 25th, 2015), this recording is the best representation of what I'm planning to do with the SEMMC (Self-Empowerment Mediation of the Month Club).  A unique blend of meditation and hypnosis, guided imagery that evokes unconscious resources, and powerful results from short sessions.

Although the primary goal of this meditation is pure relaxation and enjoyment, it includes elements which support other goals as well, such as increased self-worth, increased self-confidence, motivation, and an openness to inner wisdom.

There are 5 variations of this meditation, each with a different background.  The first 3 include music composed by my wife, Linda Missad.  The 4th includes music from a library of meditation-specific music I purchased.  And the last variation uses a standard beach environment recording.


Awaken Your Power Guided Meditation ($15 value)

This isn't like any other 'guided meditation' recording that you may have experienced.  This recording uses several components to literally SHIFT you into a state where manifesting the things you want in life becomes EASY!

First, we tap into the essence of connection, which is felt as LOVE.  By evoking a powerful feeling of love, we automatically open our connection to the Infinite Power of the Universe.  And with a specially designed process, we amplify the Power of Love to create dramatic internal changes.

Second, the words in this recording use the science of conversational hypnosis to naturally implant the required suggestions into your inner mind so the connection with Universal Power is accepted, welcomed, and embraced.  Furthermore, the suggestions embedded within the recording will allow you to feel completely comfortable with the idea of taking 'ownership' of this Power and using it to get the things you want in life.  Without this feeling of 'ownership', many people subconsciously sabotage their efforts to attract the things they want.

And lastly, the words and suggestions are powerfully supported with specially composed music.  (Composed, recorded, and copyrighted by Linda Missad.)

Together, the combined effect is truly remarkable!  In fact, I guarantee you will feel the effects immediately, even after your very first listening!


Sharpen Your Focus Guided Meditation ($20 value)

Everyone knows that a sharp knife cuts easier than a dull blade.  This is because the energy behind the knife is focused along a much thinner line, creating a very intense pressure that separates the fat from the meat quickly.  Abraham Lincoln is quoted to have said "If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend 4 hours sharpening the axe."  He knew that you could get more done in less time by preparing your tools properly.

The most important tool you have is your mind.  In order to get the most out of life, you need to prepare your mind properly.  Schools are supposed to help us do that, but with the many different students they have to work with, they can only do so much.  Besides, they're only required to get us up to a minimal standard, not to the highest possible degree of skill.  If you want to be the best, or just better than you have been, you have to take over your own development and polish your skills to the hilt.

The benefits of clear, sharp focus are many, and most of us are aware of some of them, like being able to:

  • be on top of things around you.  Always know what's happening.
  • accomplish more in less time - cut 2-3 hours off a typical 8 hour workday.
  • prevent others from taking advantage of you by being able to catch them in their lies.
  • quickly size up opportunities and instantly know the details that are important.
  • discover hidden relationships and patterns amidst the many details.
  • develop greatly increased self-confidence, leading to enhanced persuasiveness and social acceptance.

but do you also know that by developing your ability to focus, you can also

  • activate dormant areas of your mind.
  • increase your IQ, intelligence, and memory.
  • experience greater peace of mind as the noise in your head diminishes.
  • think quicker - actually speed up your thinking process.
  • open up new levels of perception (ESP).
  • tap into the Power of the Universe at a very deep and powerful level.
  • direct Spiritual Power to attract and manifest desired experiences.

Developing mental abilities is much like developing physical abilities.  You have to practice with great intensity.  In order to build muscles, you have to lift heavy weights.  In order to run fast, you have to run as fast as you can long enough so your body adapts and grows into the new demands.

To develop your ability to focus, you have to focus your mind so intensely and for so long that your mind is literally FORCED to adapt to the new demands.  The "Sharpen Your Focus" audio program is designed to help you do exactly this.

As mentioned above, there are many more benefits to having laser-like focus than simply being able to keep track of the many tiny details that swarm around you on a daily basis.  As you continue to develop your ability to focus, you'll find yourself becoming more confident and self-assured.  You'll start to realize that you have an advantage over those who miss the little things and just skim through life.  You'll see opportunities that others can't.  And this new-found self-confidence natually leads to greater social acceptance and persuasiveness.

By working with this audio program, you'll find that your increased mental capacity also includes being able to think quicker.  The resistance inside your head disappears and your thoughts move smoothly through your mind, resulting in increased intelligence, IQ, and memory.  You'll find that you work more efficiently, getting done in 5 hours what used to take 7 or 8.  You can use the extra time for leisure activities, or maybe you want to use it to get ahead in life.  Now you have a choice.


BWE Meditation Explorer Package ($20 value)

This package of pure BWE audio programs has been designed to help you spend time in a quality meditative state.  Light meditations typically involve a strong Alpha rhythm, while deeper meditations dip into Theta, otherwise known as the hypnotic state.

For more information on BWE and how it works, (including a list of who should not use these recordings), click here.

This package consists of the following recordings:

  1. Alpha Binaural - Headphones required.  Most folks who have experienced BWE before have had some experience with this type of session.  With 'binaural' entrainment, one pitch is presented to one ear, and a slightly different pitch is presented to the other ear.  The difference in pitches becomes a pulsating beat within your brain.  This 20-minute sessions uses binaural entrainment to relax you into an Alpha rhythm.
  2. Alpha Monaural - Similar to the session above, this 20-minute session uses the 'monaural' entrainment type to guide your brain into a light Alpha rhythm, where your body naturally relaxes and your mind begins to drift.
  3. Alpha Isochronic - Another version of a basic Alpha BWE session, this one (also 20 minutes) uses a type of entrainment which uses isochronic pulses, which are more intense, and therefore produce a stronger response within your brain.
  4. Alpha Box - Headphones required.  This 20-minute session uses the 4th major type of entrainment, which is a combination of monaural and binaural entrainment.  Typically one of the most popular forms of entrainment.
  5. Short Alpha Session - A 10-minute session designed to help you relax in a very short period of time.
  6. Theta-1 - This first Theta BWE audio is a very basic 30-minute session using binaural beats to entrain your mind to the theta level.  This is one of the simplest theta sessions possible using binaural beats.
  7. Theta-2 - This 30-minute session builds on the first by adding a 2nd entrainment track, a monaural track that adds a "sub-delta" component to the mix - to intensify the relaxation response.  This 2nd entrainment track also shifts gradually between the 2 sides of your headphones, and this panning back and forth is actually a 3rd entrainment method adding a 3rd (much lower) frequency to the mix.  This "super-low" frequency is more to keep your mind attentive to the entrainment than it is to actually entrain your brain to it's cycle.
  8. Theta-3 - Rarely are entrainment programs as cut and dry as the sessions above.  Most of the time, we try to make them more interesting to listen to.  In this 3rd Theta session (30-minutes), a sound file has been added to provide a more natural environment in which to listen to the program.  This sound file fades in after approximately 30 seconds into the program, and fades out again right before the end.
  9. Theta-Gamma-1 - a combination of both Theta and Gamma frequencies, to help you maintain a state of relaxed focus.  In this 30-minute session, the pulsating tones focus on Gamma rhythms, while a musical background contains Theta BWE.  The result is a highly focused, yet open, mental state.
  10. Theta-Gamma-2 - a unique BWE protocol in which the pulsating tones bring your mind down into a Theta level, with periodic shifts into a Gamma level for a few seconds at a time.  The effect is quite interesting. (30 minutes)

As you can see for yourself, this package is ideal for experimenting with different types of entrainment.

4 full hours of quality BWE audio.


What Else Do You Get With Your Membership?

Every month you remain a member, you'll get 1 new meditation per month, absolutely free. 

I'll also let you know about other new meditation programs as they are produced, and if any sound interesting to you, you may purchase them for a low members-only price, typically in the $10 to $20 range.  There's no obligation to buy anything—EVER—although you may find yourself enjoying the meditations so much, you'll need a new, larger hard drive!

In addition, you'll get the club newsletter, which offers tips on how to get more of the things YOU want with less effort, as well as announcements of the various meditations as they are released.  My plan is to send out 2 emails per week with tips and announcements.  However, there may be short periods where you get more or less emails from me.

For instance, you'll get emails every day your first week, simply because there is so much information I have to share with you, and I don't want to dump it all on you the first day.  After that, though, the frequency of emails should drop off to twice a week.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

At this point, because I'm just getting this program started, there is no cost to join.

All I need from you is some basic information and a committment that you'll let me know what you liked and what you didn't like about each of the meditations you use.

That's it!  Just fill out the form below, click the "I'm in!" button, and confirm your membership by clicking the confirmation link in the email that gets sent out.  When you do that, you'll be taken to the download page where you can get the meditations listed above (in high-quality MP3 format), and when new meditations are available, I'll let you know by email.


Membership Registration Form

Your information will be kept private.  I do not rent nor sell my member lists — EVER!
Make sure to white-list my email address (alan @ so it never gets filtered out as spam.

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