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Hi, I'm Alan Tutt, the owner of PowerKeys Publishing.  I'd like to welcome you to my website, and if you give me a few minutes of your time, I'll help you in ways you could never imagine.

One of the biggest problems in our world today is that we're all drowning in a sea of information with too much to do.  There are so many expectations to keep up with, and many of us are finding ourselves stressed, anxious, and seriously approaching the danger zones of life.

I'd like to give you an opportunity to step back, take a break, even indulge yourself, and get better prepared to take on the challenges of life, and move up to the next level of accomplishment and reward.  The $10 package described below gives you the tools to do exactly this.

Everything I offer here on the website is based on one key idea—that you have a power within you that is greater than any of the problems you're ever going to face in the world outside.

Even if you're not a spiritual person, it's obvious that human beings have dominated this planet because we've learned to use tools to affect the world in ways that we just couldn't do on our own.

And we learned to use those tools because we have an intelligence within us that could figure it out.

Psychologists call it the superconscious mind.  I, however, tend to refer to it as the Divine Mind within.

Whatever you call it, this inner intelligence can do wonderful things.  If you decide to browse through this website, you'll find a number of places where I describe some of the amazing things I've been able to do with this inner intelligence.  You'll also learn that none of this came naturally to me, and I started out much worse off than where you are now.

To help you get started right away, I've put together an introductory package you can use to explore the wonderful things you can do with YOUR inner intelligence.  This package is also a great way to try out some of my materials to see if you like my style and the information I based everything upon.  Here, let me describe it to you. 

BTW, you get everything described below in this package (a combined value of $101.87) for just $10.  Think of it as my "thank you gift" for visiting my website today.

15 Minute Vacation
(Part of the Symbolic Solutions package)

The first item you're going to want to try out is the 15-Minute Vacation from the Symbolic Solutions package.  This will give you a nice "reboot" so you can start fresh without the tension, stress, or worry you've been collecting as you go through your day.  Even though it's only 15 minutes, it takes you deep enough within yourself so the superconscious mind has a chance to give you an experience of a full 2-week vacation in paradise.

You'll get 5 different MP3 files, each with a different background, so you can listen to it as often as you'd like without getting bored with it.  You're free to use this every day if you want, although I wouldn't recommend using it more often than that.  Frankly, the experience is so indulgently wonderful that it can be habit-forming, and I don't want to get you hooked on something that will take you away from real life.

Value of this item: $9.99  (Notice that I don't use inflated values that no-one would ever pay.)

Brain Tune-Up
(Part of the BWE Collection)

The next item on the list is the Brain Tune-Up session from the BWE Collection.  This audio program is pure tones, without any words, audible or otherwise, and uses the science of BrainWave Entrainment to shift your brain into altered states of consciousness.  This particular recording starts off by helping you relax into a nice alpha rhythm before slowly ramping you up through beta all the way up into the gamma range, where you become hyper-focused and your perceptions super-sharp.

When I first created this recording, I was just playing around and wasn't quite sure what the effects would be.  I was surprised to find that all the "resistance" within my brain was gone, and somehow I could think faster.  Ideas flowed through my mind so quickly, I thought time had slowed down.  I also found that I didn't need as much sleep, and woke up each morning several hours before I would have normally.  These effects lasted several months before I felt a need to listen to the program again.

As with the 15-Minute Vacation program, I recommend listening to this no more than once a day.

Value of this item: $9.99 

Choose To Believe Book
(Part of the Choose To Believe Package)

Once you've had a chance to reboot, recharge, and tune-up, you're going to have a lot more energy and time to invest into learning how to move forward into a more positive direction.

At this point, you'll want to check out my book, Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams.  This book explains why life seems to be easier for some folks than it is for others, and what you can do to make it easier for you.  It also explains why some folks buy expensive tools and courses, only to let them sit around gathering dust, and how you can change this habit for good.

You'll learn why beliefs are the most important place to start whenever making any changes in your life, complete with common examples that illustrate the points.  You'll learn how to discover what you really believe (and why it's not always what you THINK you believe) and how to change your beliefs for a more positive and enjoyable life experience.

A wide range of tools and techniques are covered, so there's something for everyone.  You can read more about this through THIS LINK HERE.

Value of this item: $17.95 

Harmonic Prayer Book
(Part of the Harmonic Prayer Package)

This book is short, only about 100 pages, and describes a system of prayer based on the concepts introduced by my book, "Choose To Believe".  A simple, 5-step process of prayer is offered, one that is guaranteed to work better than any other prayer process you may have tried in the past.

In addition, this book also provides a wealth of tips and ideas on how to increase your ability to get the results you want from prayer, both instantly, and gradually over time.

More information is available through THIS LINK.

Value of this item: $9.99 

KTP: The Power of Intention
(Part of the Keys To Power Mastery System)

Not everyone believes in prayer, so the book above may or may not work for you.  This audio program from my Keys To Power Mastery System provides a completely different approach to manifesting what you want using the unlimited Power within us all.

This short 33-minute recording describes the basic principles taught in my first book, Keys To Power - Step by Step, and explains the difference between belief and intention, and why it's important to develop both.  KTP: The Power of Intention also covers a couple of developmental exercises that help you tap into Universal Power and direct it to manifest your desires.

Value of this item: $14.95 

EmBRACES Magic & Miracles Mini-Module
(Part of the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System)

And finally, this last item in the PowerKeys Publishing Sampler Pack is a set of audio recordings that combine a wide variety of techniques to help you increase your belief in dramatic improvement happening suddenly (like magic).  And as explained in my "Choose To Believe" book above, the more you believe in something, the more you experience it.

Back in 2010, I set up a test group of 185 individuals from all over the world to explore several ideas.  We tested recordings that used 1st-person ('I') statements, 2nd-person ('you') statements, a male voice, a female voice, recordings with music backgrounds, recordings without music background, and a few other factors.

What we found was that those who listened to a variety of different types of recordings saw better results than those who only listened to one type.  For this reason, the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System now has 360 different recordings and would fill 120 CDs.

The full system covers every aspect of personal development, ranging from setting up a belief in quick improvement (this module) to self-esteem, self-sufficiency, confidence, motivation, productivity, self-mastery, relationships, personal prosperity, and business success.  10 modules in all, each addressing approximately 50 beliefs.

This "mini-module" contains 12 different recordings, and would fill 4 CDs.  These recordings are meant to be played in the background while you relax, such as when watching TV, chatting with friends, or meditating.  Of course, you're also welcome to consciously listen to the material, and if you do so while meditating, they function as self-hypnotic recordings and can shift your beliefs much faster.

Value of this item: $39 

PowerKeys Publishing Sampler Pack

Everything described above comprises the PKP Sampler Pack, and while I'm offering it as a sample to my other packages, it COULD be a complete package in itself.  Perhaps I should call it the "Emergency Life Reboot Kit" or something like that.

When used together, the items above help you take a step back, reboot, and prepare yourself for the challenges that Life throws at you.  Whenever you feel yourself getting stressed, take a 15-Minute Vacation.  If you feel yourself getting sluggish and confused, give your Brain a Tune-Up.  When you want to upgrade the way you respond to circumstances so you can turn lemons into lemonade, ruffle through my book, "Choose To Believe."  If you need a miracle in short order, offer up a Harmonic Prayer.

Quite honestly, everything you need to get your life out of the dumps and heading toward Easy Street is right here in this package.  The only reason you might want to explore my other packages is if you want to take your life to even higher levels of success and enjoyment.

To summarize, when you order today, you get:

  1. "15-Minute Vacation" guided meditation ($9.99 value)
  2. "Brain Tune-Up" BWE session ($9.99 value)
  3. "Choose To Believe" book ($17.95 value)
  4. "Harmonic Prayer" book ($9.99 value)
  5. "KTP: The Power of Intention" audio ($14.95 value)
  6. "EmBRACES Magic & Miracles" mini-module (relaxation mode) ($39 value)

The combined value of everything listed above is $101.87, but when you order today, you ...

get it all for just $9.95.

Why Such a Low Price?

Ever since I started my online business over 13 years ago in January 2003, I've always given away SOMETHING for free.  The problem with most freebies is that they rarely offer any true value, and I recently decided that it was more important to offer something that would truly help folks, and if I price it low enough, it can be a good win-win for both sides.

So I pulled out what felt to be the best representations of each package, calculated my average marketing costs based on how many folks I expect to take the offer, and that's where the $10 price came from.  I don't expect to make any money off this, but if it helps folks and encourages a few to upgrade to one of my other packages, I think we'll all do okay.

BTW, if you've been to other websites that offer a low-price product and then hammer you with upsells, don't worry.  I don't do that.  After your payment is processed, you go straight to the members area where you can download your purchase.

I think it's better to start our relationship off on the right foot, and I AM hoping that you decide to buy more of my products in the future.

As a side-note, I have some folks who have been with me since the beginning.  I feel deeply honored and blessed that so many people like what I do and come back to buy my products again and again and again.

My Standard Money-Back Guarantee

For quite a few years, I've offered a LIFETIME money-back guarantee on almost all my products.  The only exceptions are those which are customized to the individual.  Even with such a strong guarantee, and the fact that my products are digital downloads, which cannot be truly "returned" in the classic sense, my refund rate has remained less than 2%.

In fact, I recently looked up the numbers.  Since January 2003 to July 2016, over 8800 orders have been placed, and only 160 refunds have been requested.  That's an over 98% satisfaction rate, proving that my materials work when folks use them.

I offer the same guarantee to you with this package.  Try everything out.  Take as long as you want.  And if you EVER feel that the materials weren't worth what you paid, just let me know and I'll process a refund for you.  You don't have to prove to me that you used the materials.  You don't have to tell me what you didn't like.  Either you get the results you want from these materials, or you get your money back.  It's that simple.

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