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50th Birthday Celebration

To help celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday, I've implemented a special 50% discount.  No discount code to enter, as all prices have been adjusted to the 50% level.

Feel free to share this with all your friends.  It's a great time for new folks to be introduced to these powerful life-changing materials.

Some Subscribers May Need to Re-Subscribe

Over the last couple of weeks, many subscribers with AOL, HotMail, MSN, and a few other email accounts have been removed from the mailing list.

This is due to those services blocking emails from me due to a recent change in IP address on the website servers.

Anyone who has not been getting the emails may want to resubscribe with a different email address.

The best way to do this is to register for a free download at

Sorry for any inconvenience.

New Workshop Video Posted

I just did a 4-hour workshop this past Saturday here in the Grand Rapids area on the new process I've been sharing.

I call it "Symbolic Solutions".

We had a dozen folks show up, and everyone LOVED it!

During the workshop, I gave a brief overview of my Choose To Believe material, and then proceeded to walk everyone through a series of exercises to help them relax, improve their visualization ability, and then use the process.

We went through the process for several objectives, namely, increasing confidence, aligning with wealth, rewriting painful memories, and blessing an organization.

By the time the workshop was over, everyone said they loved it, and were excited to continue using the process for a wide variety of things.

Biggest Giveaway of the Year

Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen have just launched this year's "Self-Improvement Gifts" event.

At last count, there were just over 600 gifts listed in the directory, with more being added as I type.  I have 3 different gifts registered in their system, and while they seem to move from time to time, they were last seen on page 3 of the 61-page directory.

I'll be looking through the directory more closely over the weekend, mostly to find new partners to support in the coming months, but also to see if there are any new ideas and technologies to play with.  I saw several guided meditations available, as well as some hypnosis programs and a whole lot of ebooks.  I even saw a few folks offering 20 and 30 minute coaching sessions for free.

Makes you wonder how busy they are if they can give away their time for free.

Anyway, there are lots of great items available, and this is a great way to check out some new leaders in the Self-Improvement field.

Click here to claim your free gifts now.

Affiliate Program Update

I've just updated the Affiliate Program page to reflect a new commission structure for affiliates.

Essentially, commissions are now 90% with cookie tracking for 60 days, whereas before they were 50% with lifetime tracking and performance bonuses.

The new commission structure is simpler, and will help most affiliates earn more from their referrals.

My Christmas Gift to You

I've just implemented a special offer for my Harmonic Prayer package, allowing anyone to get the Essential version for free.  The Deluxe version, which normally sells for $97 ($48 more than the Essential Package) may be purchased for just $29.

There's no catch here.  I just wanted to do something special for all my fans, and give those who are unfamiliar with my materials an easy way to check them out.

Anyone who has recently purchased either of these packages may contact me for a free copy of another package.

Merry Christmas!

Websites for Sale

In my continuing efforts to cut back on the number of projects I handle, I've decided to let go of a number of website domains, including:

Just to be clear, I'm only offering the domain names, not the associated products or the current website content.  However, in the case of the Keys To Power Persuasion course, I'm also willing to sell that product, including full ownership rights to both the product and the website.

Vacation Starts Today

Today, July 11th, 2015, my wife, Linda, and I are heading out for a week-long vacation to Kentucky.  We're going to the Cumberland Falls area, and I'm hoping to be able to get more nature recordings to use as backgrounds for meditation programs.

If anyone needs any assistance while I'm gone, I'll be able to help you when I get back.  Although I probably will check in from time to time, and it's possible I MAY be able to help you before then, I'm not going to promise anything.

As I write this, I'm thinking that this could be turned into a learning moment, in that any day could be considered a "vacation" when you flow in harmony with Life.  While I'm thrilled to be going to see a new place, there's also a part of me that considers this trip to be very similar to the adventures I have exploring ideas and possibilities in my normal life.

Anyway, I'm not going to spend much time on this, as there are still a few things to get ready before we go.

Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

John Assaraf's New Program & Upcoming Webinar

Yesterday, a subscriber sent me a link to a webinar where John Assaraf talked about his new program, "Winning the Game of Money."  Her main point was that he was using gamma brainwave entrainment, which is something I did years ago.

In watching the webinar, I found myself agreeing with many of the points John made, despite the fact that I disagree with several of his business practices.  (For example, when I first checked him out, I signed up for his 4-issue email sequence which SUPPOSEDLY had a value of $97.  No useable information, which really set the wrong tone for any relationship.)

What was really nice about the webinar was that they played a full 30-minute recording from his new program, which used the same techniques I've been using recently with the SEMMC — in particular, hypnosis and a reliance on the wisdom of your deeper mind.

I did get a couple of ideas for things I could do, and I believe they will work great.

While I don't completely agree with several points he made, I believe that his new program could be highly valuable to anyone who chooses to go through it.  It's a 12-week program with coaching and a "support group" members' area, and sells for $995 or 4 payments of $395 each.

If you want to check it out, they're doing a 6-hour webinar this Saturday.

Here's a link to the webinar registration page:

Full Disclosure: I'm so enthused about John's new program, I signed up for his affiliate program, and if you end up deciding to purchase his program, I'll earn a commission for introducing it to you.

Some Subscribers May Need to Re-Subscribe

I sent out a mailing to all subscribers earlier today, and due to a technical issue with the server, some folks were "bounced" off the email list.  If you didn't get the email from today and would like to remain on the mailing list, contact me and I can reinstate your subscription.

Alternately, you can click the "Manage Subscriptions" link at the bottom of an earlier email, and that will take you to a page where you can reactivate your subscription yourself.



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