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Websites for Sale

In my continuing efforts to cut back on the number of projects I handle, I've decided to let go of a number of website domains, including:

Just to be clear, I'm only offering the domain names, not the associated products or the current website content.  However, in the case of the Keys To Power Persuasion course, I'm also willing to sell that product, including full ownership rights to both the product and the website.

Vacation Starts Today

Today, July 11th, 2015, my wife, Linda, and I are heading out for a week-long vacation to Kentucky.  We're going to the Cumberland Falls area, and I'm hoping to be able to get more nature recordings to use as backgrounds for meditation programs.

If anyone needs any assistance while I'm gone, I'll be able to help you when I get back.  Although I probably will check in from time to time, and it's possible I MAY be able to help you before then, I'm not going to promise anything.

As I write this, I'm thinking that this could be turned into a learning moment, in that any day could be considered a "vacation" when you flow in harmony with Life.  While I'm thrilled to be going to see a new place, there's also a part of me that considers this trip to be very similar to the adventures I have exploring ideas and possibilities in my normal life.

Anyway, I'm not going to spend much time on this, as there are still a few things to get ready before we go.

Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

John Assaraf's New Program & Upcoming Webinar

Yesterday, a subscriber sent me a link to a webinar where John Assaraf talked about his new program, "Winning the Game of Money."  Her main point was that he was using gamma brainwave entrainment, which is something I did years ago.

In watching the webinar, I found myself agreeing with many of the points John made, despite the fact that I disagree with several of his business practices.  (For example, when I first checked him out, I signed up for his 4-issue email sequence which SUPPOSEDLY had a value of $97.  No useable information, which really set the wrong tone for any relationship.)

What was really nice about the webinar was that they played a full 30-minute recording from his new program, which used the same techniques I've been using recently with the SEMMC — in particular, hypnosis and a reliance on the wisdom of your deeper mind.

I did get a couple of ideas for things I could do, and I believe they will work great.

While I don't completely agree with several points he made, I believe that his new program could be highly valuable to anyone who chooses to go through it.  It's a 12-week program with coaching and a "support group" members' area, and sells for $995 or 4 payments of $395 each.

If you want to check it out, they're doing a 6-hour webinar this Saturday.

Here's a link to the webinar registration page:

Full Disclosure: I'm so enthused about John's new program, I signed up for his affiliate program, and if you end up deciding to purchase his program, I'll earn a commission for introducing it to you.

Some Subscribers May Need to Re-Subscribe

I sent out a mailing to all subscribers earlier today, and due to a technical issue with the server, some folks were "bounced" off the email list.  If you didn't get the email from today and would like to remain on the mailing list, contact me and I can reinstate your subscription.

Alternately, you can click the "Manage Subscriptions" link at the bottom of an earlier email, and that will take you to a page where you can reactivate your subscription yourself.


Welcome to the NEW PowerKeys Publishing Website!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've finally taken the time to upgrade the CMS software that runs this website (Drupal).  This is the first step to a more significant upgrade process that will continue over the new few weeks.

At this point, you won't notice a big difference, other than the visual appearance.  That's because most of the changes have taken place "behind the scenes" and won't be apparent until I start adding new content, which will start happening soon.

The biggest change that's coming is a new focus on videos.  I'll probably start with some simple, short videos to get a feel for the process before launching into a major project to recreate the Choose To Believe workshop into the video format.

There's a lot more that I'm planning too, but I don't want to announce too much at this time.

Suffice it to say that you're encouraged to come back again and again as new content is added to the site.

As you browse through the website, please feel free to let me know if anything doesn't seem to be working as it should, such as broken links or error messages.  You shouldn't run into any, but there's always a chance I missed something in the process.


A cool trick to expand your mind

Greetings my friend,

As many of my regular readers know, I started out online with a course on how to develop "mind power", which may be described as a combination of creativity, memory, psychic abilities, and magick.

The "Keys To Power — Step by Step" course started with creativity and memory as a way of training your ability to control your own mind so the other abilities would be easier to develop.

One of the more interesting creativity exercises is to pick any 2 objects, and imagine how they may combine together into a single object.

For example, how would you combine a pen and a chair?  Can you imagine a chair with 4 pens as legs, and the drawings you could do on a large surface by scooting around while sitting?

One secret that has made a world of difference

Greetings my friend,

Zig Ziglar had a saying which has made a world of difference in my life.  What he said was,

"You can get everything you want if you just
help enough other people get what they want."

In esoteric circles, this is usually interpreted as the Law of Karma, which says that whatever you put out into the Universe, you get back multiplied, whether it is good or bad.

In the world of business, this means creating products that will help people, and then persuading folks to use those products for themselves.

In personal and social situations, this means being someone that others like being around.  Someone they gladly do favors for.  In many respects, the process of "selling yourself" to others is the same as the process of selling products.

Many people don't know this ...

Greetings my friend,

Many people don't know that once they have a member account here on the PowerKeys Publishing website, they can earn cash rewards when they refer people to me.

Since we're getting a great response to the special offer this week, this could be the best time to tell people you know to check us out.

If you refer someone and they buy, you get 50% of what they spent.

I look at it like this — many of these sales wouldn't happen on their own, and when you refer people to the website, you've saved me marketing costs.  I'm more than happy to pay you what I would have otherwise spent on advertising, so it's a win-win situation.

When you're logged into your member account, you'll find a whole section of the website called "Affiliate Resources", listed right under the "My Account" link in the navigation menu.

EmBRACES System Reviewed

Greetings my friend,

If you've wondered what the EmBRACES system is REALLY like, and wanted to hear what an impartial 3rd-party has to say about it, this is your chance.

Yesterday, the EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System was reviewed by Beth Druce on Community Soul Radio.

You can listen to the show at:

(Just to be clear, it's the June 16th show.)

Community Soul Radio is new, having aired their first broadcast earlier this month.  They are already getting high-level guests, such as Dan Millman, Karen Knowler, Debra Bourne, and the Barefoot Doctor.

Having them even consider reviewing the EmBRACES system this early in their history is an honor.

How legal is the "Law" of Attraction?

Greetings my friend,

I just posted a new article / blog post to the PowerKeys Publishing site, called "How legal is the "Law" of Attraction?"

This post answers one of the most common questions regarding the Law of Attraction, and why it seems to work for some folks and not for others.

The direct link to the post is:


Take care!

- Alan Tutt

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