Alan Tutt: the founder of
PowerKeys Publishing

author, publisher, photographer, copywriter, entrepreneur

PowerKeys Publishing was created by author/publisher Alan Tutt, who started his online business on January 10th, 2003 in order to bring the world the fruits of a lifetime of research and experimentation.

Alan started out in life much like anyone else.  Being a straight-A student in school proved to be no benefit as Alan found himself in a long series of personal failures.  After struggling for years to find a solution to his problems, Alan discovered that the traditional pathways to success depended on a measure of 'faith' or 'belief' in order to work.

After making this discovery, Alan soon found himself enjoying many more successes in life, including a romantic relationship which includes many details specified in his original intention, and a successful photography business in which he earned up to $1,000 per hour doing "party photography".

Other results include:

Alan's first website, as well as his first ebook (Keys To Power), was based on the belief that you can tap into a Universal Power and direct it to create experiences and conditions in the world around you through non-physical means.  Some would call this Magick, while others would refer to it as the Power of Prayer.  In time, it began to be called the Law of Attraction.

Alan's 2nd ebook/website provided what many folks needed most -- a way to use the Power of Belief to attract and maintain greater prosperity.  Being someone who believes that the more good you do for the world, the more good things you get in return, Alan released his "Keys To Power Prosperity" ebook with resale rights, giving many the opportunity to sell the book and make money while helping others.  This book was later updated and renamed, "Prosperity From the Inside Out."

As Alan was writing Keys To Power Prosperity (which took all of 2 weeks), he became interested in a field called "conversational hypnosis".  This field, a branch of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), offered to help folks change beliefs quickly and easily.  Much quicker and easier than anything else that had ever been available before.

After a year of research, experimentation, and hard work, Alan's 3rd ebook was released.  Competing with various online courses costing $200 and more, Keys To Power Persuasion was offered for a mere $97 and sold like hotcakes.

It was at this point that Alan decided to write a "real" book, to be printed in physical form, and would bring the core message to a larger audience.  Choose To Believe offers scientific proof of the Power of Belief, and a simple, workable system for using conversational hypnosis techniques on yourself to produce dramatic changes quickly.

As expected, this book proved to be very popular, and formed the foundation for a completely new direction in Alan's career.

Since then, Alan has continued his research to find new and better ways to help folks change what they believe and empower themselves to live the lifestyle they desire, bringing their dreams to reality.

In 2010, Alan's EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System combined the best of everything he had learned over the years to help people internalize the most important beliefs required to lead a life of abundant joy, happiness, and success.  Consisting of "not-so-subliminal" recordings with NLP-based belief statements, this system literally took all the work out of using the Power of Belief, and represented a significant milestone in the history of personal development.

2012 saw the creation of the Harmonic Prayer system, which utilizes the pre-existing beliefs many people have in God and prayer, and uses those as a foundation for a simple 5-step process to manifest what you want in life.  This is based on the belief leverage principle described in Alan's book, Choose To Believe, and proved to be quite successful for those using the new system.  Both books are available on

From there, Alan started working on a series of recording that combine hypnosis, NLP, conversational hypnosis, and symbology to trigger catalytic changes within the listener's subconscious mind.  First to be created was a full-on hypnotic program called Awaken the Avatar Within, which later led to a series of Symbolic Solutions recordings for specific goals.

In January 2017, Alan mapped out a plan to replace all previous materials with a single system of hypnotic recordings, to be called Symbolic Solutions 2.0.  Bringing together the best of all his previous work, this new system promises to be the best one yet, producing dramatic and lasting results in the shortest time possible, with no conscious effort.